Remove an app user from your organisation

As an Org Admin you can manually remove a user from an organisation.  This will revoke their access to any apps that  ‘can be accessed by all users in the organisation’.  This will not revoke their access to any apps they have been granted access to directly.

To remove an app user from your organisation:

  1. Go to your app in TheAppBuilder Toolkit and click on the Access tab in the left hand menu

  1. Click on ‘View Users’

NB: If you do not see the ‘View Users’ link this indicates that you are not configured as an Org Admin for your organisation.  Please contact your team leader or email with a request to be upgraded to Org Admin.

  1. You will now see a searchable list of all users in your organisation.

  1. Click on ‘Remove’ to the right of the user you wish to remove
  2. Click on ‘Confirm’ to remove the user

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Jonny Kirk

Product Owner

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